Ocean Server Upgrade April 5 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for April 5th at 9:30 includes the following fixes and improvements:


  • Referral targets can now specific a third-party online booking system. The button will appear in the listing and the clinician will be prompted to book a patient appointment upon completion of a referral. 
  • Central intake can now "revoke" forwarded referrals from action menu.
  • We've done some significant plumbing work to separate out the referral analytics repository from the persistent referral history for a patient; previously, the analytics repository was used to view referral histories for patients, which was getting awkward for a bunch of technical reasons. You likely won't notice any difference.
  • New users claiming referral targets in Ontario will be asked to indicate their LHIN
  • Minor tweaks to new welcome screen for new referral targets
  • Provided some explanatory text to add listing functionality from admin->listings tab.
  • Central intake forwarding search now has a checkbox option to ignore the health service and search all providers (to handle use case of forwarding an orthopedic surgery referral to a surgeon who only informally handles a specific subspecialty, e.g. ankle.)
  • Minor UI bug fixes continue on new search interface, e.g. enabling enter-key support for region text field and fixing a bug that would prevent search on title without a specified region.
  • Birthdates are now required for all referrals.
  • Improved the layout of printed referrals to be more consistent with the view in the application by moving the patient information to the left-hand side.
  • New optional fields for referrers to enter site name, clinician type and clinician address in referrals. This will be auto-populated from the Ocean User settings and from PS Suite.

Patient Engagement:

  • Tablet version minimum is now 127 instead of 126. Older tablets will prompt you to upgrade.
  • Improved French language support for patients receiving web questionnaires.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented updates of subsite references on tablets in the Tablets tab.
  • Some UI changes to the secure message view for the patient to make it more obvious that they need to click confirm before proceeding (e.g. changing to white background, font style changes, etc.).
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor fixes to encryption key management.
  • Minor UI improvements to password reset screen.
  • Adding a "beta" version of the "Ocean Privacy Primer" that will be rolled out to all users soon. You can view it in the "View My Account" screen for now if you can't wait.
  • Formula script text boxes are now (finally!) expandable
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