Ocean Server Upgrade March 22 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for March 22nd at 9:30 includes the following features and fixes:


  • Adding early support for clinician type (e.g. family doctor, specialist, etc.) for Ocean Users; we intend to allow new users to populate this for themselves on sign-up for a variety of use cases in future.
  • Listings' health service panel in the directory will now be initially collapsed with 6 health services instead of 4.
  • Miscellaneous small fixes to new health service directory search interface changes introduced last week.
  • Fixed a data partitioning violation error that would cause referrals being sent from an EMR connected to one Ocean site with a clinician logging in (e.g. to auto-complete referrer info box) with a different default site.
  • Fix to bug that prevented HN searching for (fake) HNs longer than 10 characters.
  • Removed Ocean reference number for referral notifications since the pt could have a different Ocean reference in the referrer and recipient sites.
  • The Forwarded tab will now appear under the Processed tab group.
  • Fix to bug that was not showing the cancellation redline strikethrough for cancelled referrals
  • Minor look-and-feel improvements to inbox.

Patient Engagement Tools:

  • Improving audit granularity on patients tab to show when a specific patient in Ocean is viewed.
  • Added new status icon for patients tab to show pending web questionnaire invitations.
  • Completion notifications for secure messages and web questionnaires will now be different, making it more convenient for clinics sending both secure messages and questionnaires.
  • Server-side support for an upcoming change to OceanConnect that will notify Ocean Server of appointment cancellations so that it can suppress reminders in those cases. 
  • Added keyword support for subject lines for secure messages and web questionnaire templates.
  • Ocean Tablets on v125 or below will be upgraded to latest.


  • Minor fix to "you are unsubscribed" page for usage reports to omit html tags which appear for some browsers.
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