Ocean Server Upgrade March 15 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for March 15th at 9:30 PM EST includes the following:


  • Usability improvements in the Health Service Directory; addresses will now autocomplete when typed in, making it easier to find regionally relevant listings when not using an EMR integrated launch point for the referral.
  • Significant performance improvements to the search algorithm; this is the more comprehensive solution to the performance issues that caused the service interruption a couple weeks ago identified in the root cause analysis. We are now using a dedicated text index search for some queries, and forcing a user to choose the type of search to help Ocean choose the correct search path.
  • New health service definition for Chronic Disease Self-Management.
  • Fix to allow scrolling for very long review/triage forms for an eRequest/eReferral.
  • Improvements to the layout of the listing detail management panel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused newly created "related referrals" from being decryptable in some situations.
  • Fixed an error forwarding some referrals ("p2.lat is not a function").
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error during certain back/forward navigation in health service navigation.
  • Fixed an error that could appear in rare circumstances (apparently) when resuming a referral that was previously "saved for later".
  • Increased granularity of audit logging for referral views.
  • Removed "eRefer" button that would errantly appear on health service offering details dialog for non-referral-accepting organizations.
  • Renamed "TEST SITE" to "TEST LISTING" in the Health Service Directory to use more consistent terminology.

Patient Engagement Platform:

  • We've added new icons to make it easier to see overdue messages and questionnaires in the Patients and eRequest tabs
  • Added a new option to handle overdue message notifications, allowing clinics to either receive a notification digest for newly overdue messages or all overdue messages. You can set this in the Features tab under Admin in the Ocean web portal.
  • Fix to a bug that failed to reuse patient objects for Accuro clinics uploading cohort files of patients.
  • Added Studies tab to Regional Authority sites.


  • Changed the eForm Editor to insert blank lines using the new #blank_line# keyword, which will provide more intuitive note generation for conditional note logic.


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