Ocean Server Upgrade Jan 8 2018 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for January 8, 2018 at 9:30 PM EST includes the following:


  • Appointment date/time can now be automatically set from Accuro via a CDS link or button.
  • Added a number of referral analytics CSV export options (e.g. whether to include master, deleted and test referrals, and whether to base the search on creation date or modified date).
  • Added additional protection against corrupt PDF file attachments (which can result from lab  data exports from PSS).
  • You can now decline an appointment even after it's been booked.
  • Referrals declined from Pending Booking tab will now show up in declined tab.
  • Sent referrals will now be correctly excluded from the "All Received" tab for sites that send and receive referrals.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an occasional load error editing an existing referral.
  • Fixed a bug that caused referral count under the Processed folders to change if a referral within the tab is opened.
  • Fixed a race-condition bug that could cause an occasional error sending a referral.
  • Fixed a bug that meant that popup blockers in browsers could interfere with online booking links for listings in the Directory.
  • Confirmed checkbox will now be cleared along with appointment info when a referral is forwarded from assessment centre to surgeon.
  • Regional Authority agreement dialog will implicitly request consent to share the user's email address with the regional authority.
  • Fixed a bug that defaulted the region for a Directory search to the centre of Canada in some instances
  • Fixed a bug that showed "NaN" when an MRN is entered as a space character.

Patient Engagement:

  • New feature: clinicians can now delegate other Ocean users to act on their behalf, and the primary delegate can use the clinician's Ocean Online User subscription if enabled. You can manage delegate users in the user account settings page, and see clinicians for which you are a delegate.
  • Fixed a bug that caused OSCAR measurements to be missed in some situations.
  • Ocean Online DoB validation will now present a month dropdown (in English or French, depending on browser settings) instead of a numeric month to make it simpler for patients.
  • Backend support for eRequest Links to do online bookings (coming soon!)
  • New sites will default to 4 digit Ocean reference numbers now.
  • Fix error that could occur if "New Patient" dialog closed with slow/failed network call.
  • Focus will now properly be set on first visible field in form if first field is hidden.
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