Ocean Server Upgrade Dec 20 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for Dec 20, 2017 at 9:30 PM EST includes the following:


  • Improved EMR integration with Accuro, OSCAR and PS Suite, particularly within the Patient Dashboard screen in Ocean
  • The Patient Dashboard will now display all inbound and outbound eReferrals for a patient specific to an Ocean site
  • Multiple different EMRs are now able to independently import and connect with a patient from a single eReferral
  • Accuro users can now use a "Send Appointment Notification" CDS link to update an eReferral with an appointment date and time that is scheduled within Accuro.
  • Accuro users can now send an eReferral directly from their EMR to a specific favourite listing instead of having to navigate the health service directory
  • Add a new feature for central intake sites to manually fax forward comments that were added to a referral post-forwarding. The Messages panel has a new menu option for individual comments: "Download Addendum Letter". This menu option will create a letter with the same header as the main "Download Referral Letter", but prefixed with "Addendum to ". The addendum letter will printed only the selected comment/message printed below the patient and destination, along with its attachment if applicable; all the other referral fields on the letter are excluded.

  • Referrer notification emails will now use the referrer's name (the name that was typed in the Signature box) instead of their username to improve readability

  • The Scheduling Pane is collapsed now for eReferrals opened by central intake that haven't yet been forwarded.
  • The referral view will show the gender/sex such as "M" or "F" next to the patient's age in addition to the gender icon above it.
  • The Patient Satisfaction Survey link's text as well as the URL is now customizable for regional authorities.
  • Booking comments are now cleared when a referral is forwarded (previously only the appointment dates were cleared).
  • "Inbound" eReferrals created internally within the eRequests tab for specialist sites will no longer automatically redirect to central intake

  • Improve the single sign-on linkage buttons shown for OSCAR and Accuro to say, "EMR Single Sign-On: ...", instead of "Hello oscarUser" or "Hello 72"
  • Fixed a bug that prevented referrals sent with follow-up attachments/comments by the referrer from appearing in the New tab.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from opening encrypted referrals when the site's shared encryption key isn't available.
  • Fixed a bug in the eRequests tab that resulted in the count in the Completed tab incorrectly displaying as 0 when an eReferral is opened in this tab.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly tagged manually-fax-forwarded referrals as eReferrals that were e-forwarded when the listing did not have a recorded fax number; existing analytics records have been repaired to correct this bug as well.
  • Fixed the display of the active eReferrals count to say "1 active eReferral" instead of "1 active eReferrals" in OSCAR
  • Fixed the file type filtering in Firefox to prevent invalid attachment files from being selected (previously these file types triggered a silent error)

Patient Engagement & Platform

  • Fixed a bug that could result in duplicate notes for PS Suite users using the OceanConnect tablet.
  • The Ocean Kiosk can now "block" check-ins based on late arrivals and other criteria. We added a new "Check-In" configuration tab to the tablet settings editor with settings for arrival times, time-out times and check-ins.

  • Improved support for TELUS-billed clients
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