Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 27 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for Nov 27 at 9:30 PM EST includes the following:


  • Clicking an attachment opens an attachment preview instead of deleting the attachment (but clicking on the delete X button will still delete it), and a better error message will appear if the file is moved prior to upload.

  • Email address will be deleted from referrals if email consent is not granted at time of send.
  • Fixed a bug that made private comments invisible at a site that needs to review them when the referral is owned by a different site.

  • Fixed a broken link in the eReferral comment notifications.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause regional authority license agreement consents to be logged multiple times.

  • Fixed an error that could occur when opening an encrypted referral without the encryption key (e.g. for support).
  • Fixed a bug that skipped patient booking notifications for self-referrals for central intake.
  • Changed the the deletion of eReferrals to update the corresponding analytics record to allow synchronized data warehouses (e.g. Think Research EntryPoint) to detect such deletions.
  • Fixed an error that appears if you click the reload button after uploading an attachment to a referral.
  • CarePortal self-referral form has slightly updated labels (e.g. "First name" instead of "First").

Patient Engagement:

  • New TELUS clients connecting via the TELUS API will no longer be able to use "pay as you go" Ocean Online messages (i.e. the $0.10/0.40 option). New non-TELUS clients can enable this via the Admin->Site Features page. We've also updated our license agreement to account for the TELUS license agreement for new signups.
  • Added server-side support for "late check-in" blocks, which tells patient to go to the reception desk if more than X minutes late for the appointment (X can be defined in the tablet group settings in the Tablets tab of the web portal).
  • Added server-side support for the "pt.hasOnDemandForms()" rule on tablets (which returns true if a clinician has specifically selected forms for the patient).
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