Ocean Server Upgrade Feb 15 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for Feb 15 at 9:30PM includes the following fixes and improvements:


  • New feature: support for configuring an "overdue reminder" number of days. An email will be sent automatically to both the referring physician and the recipient if a referral is not booked with the set number of days.
  • By overwhelming popular demand, we've swapped the colours on the referral target icons so that "green" means "accepts eReferrals".
  • CPSO number in signature has been changed to professional ID to better support nurse practitioners and others that may initiate referrals, as well as non-Ontario clinicians.
  • Adding a safety check on the backend to ensure that a user is a site administrator before allowing a change to the private key.
  • Patient address information fields have been added to the referral form (they will be prepopulated by supported EMRs).
  • "Quick Referral Form" and "Standard Referral Form" will no longer appear as options for the referring clinician if a referral target has a designated referral form.
  • OceanHealthMap.ca no longer shows "home" as a navigation option (didn't really make sense in the anonymous user context).
  • OceanHealthMap will properly restrict results to 100 (it would sometimes show more previously for some searches).
  • Added healthcard VC and province to the referral form header.
  • Minor changes to the email notifications to patients (improving subject lines, hiding fax field if not populated, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug that would parse manually entered DoB's incorrectly in a referral form if dashes were used.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented gender symbols from rendering in eReferral printouts.
  • Fixed a bug that could still prevent saving a master referral. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused only one phone number for a patient to appear in the referral printout.

Patient Engagement

  • You can now export all your Form Reminder notifications (which are often used as appointment reminders) for a given date range from the Form Reminders tab.
  • Ocean will now track when a patient opens a secure message, not just when it is confirmed. This information will help clinics understand whether a patient has seen (technically downloaded to browser) but not confirmed receipt vs. simply not clicking the link (i.e. didn't see the email).
  • Added a warning when sending secure messages with user notifications enabled as an anonymous EMR user (previously, these notifications simply didn't get sent -- now the user will be warned);  see this article for more information.
  • Major improvements in patient tab rendering; our testing shows a 50%+ improvement.
  • Improvements to secure message display in IE8.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause unrelated templates to change when changing a template for a rule in Ocean Reminder configuration.
  •  Fix to prevent infinite loop of forms with an eFormAction pointing at itself.


  • Miscellaneous improvements to shared key handling in web browsers without full localStorage support, including a fix that prevented decryption of referrals in Safari private browser mode.
  • New shared encryption keys now need to be a full 16 characters to further enhance security although we've eased the requirement to have upper, lower, numeric and punctuation to require only 3 of the 4 in accordance with standard practice. Existing encryption keys will continue to work as is.
  • Fix to minor bug that would cause an error when generating a PDF with an invalid unicode character in a note. 
  • Minor look-and-feel improvements.
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