Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 13 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Release scheduled for Nov 13, 2017 at 9:30 PM EST includes the following:


  • We've refactored the review request logic to be more flexible. It's now based on individual notes, which will show a checkbox when reviewed, and the referral will be "needing review" when a note for a particular user or clinic has not been reviewed. We're also now tracking review requests in the notes panel.
  • Non-physicians (as marked in their Ocean user account) sending referrals will now see the attending physician from the patient object instead of "their" "clinician" name. This should simplify and be a generally more accurate referral footer than current for most situations in which an MOA is referring on behalf of multiple clinicians.
  • Added early support for uploading supervising physician from EMRs.
  • Anonymous users and EMR SSO users who agree to a regional authority's license agreement will now be included in the report available within the regional authority site (previously it was only capturing registered users who agree to the terms).
  • Added an "included in wait time analytics" icon that appears next to the appointment date/time if the referral qualified (i.e. is not subject to disqualification due to patient related factors like patient declined appointment).
  • Email consent granted is now the default option in the referrer prompt for keyboard expediency.
  • The system will now show an error if you try to resend appointment notification when no patient email is available.
  • Changing a child referral health service will now properly update the corresponding master, if any, including analytics data and the description field.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented "accepted" referrals from being subsequently declined.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in the "save for later" process for referrers (related to EMR SSO users, requiring an encryption key, etc.)
  • "Review Form Revised" placeholder notes will now be marked private by default.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Reviewed" button from showing in the review panel for some referrers.
  • Added new "please wait" glass panel when referral is submitted to protect against double-submits.
  • Booking comments will be blanked out when a referral is resubmitted (after being declined for example).
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error while revoking a referral in some situations.
  • Fixed a couple bugs that occur when you are viewing a referral with an attachment without the encryption key.
  • We've added a number of new keywords for use in referral notes and review forms: refRt (the ref of the listing), refRtServices (a pipe-delimited list of the services associated with the listing), refOffering (the offering ref), refServices (a pipe-delimited list of the services associated with the referral).
  • Fixed an analytics bug that left "reason for decline" populated even if a referral was resubmitted.

Patient Engagement:

  • The eForm Editor's history panel will now display the user along with the timestamp for previous revisions of the eForm.
  • Changed the retention/purge logic to retain patient records longer than seven days if the patient receives an attachment through an Ocean Online message and indicates that they are not done with it. In such cases, the original expiry on the invitation will remain in effect (default is 100 days).
  • Added basic server-side support for new some exciting new walk-in/urgent-care kiosk features coming soon.
  • Minor fix to update the read-only fields in the Ocean Online template when the user logs in from EMR single-sign-on mode (in case Ocean user account has admin permissions).
  • Ocean Form Reminders rule builder has been simplified for TELUS PS Suite clients since type and reason aren't independent fields in PS Suite like they are in other EMRs.
  • Fixed the approxAgeInDays keyword.
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