Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 6 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean server release tentatively scheduled for 9:30 PM on Mon, Nov 6, 2017 will contain the following changes:

Patient Engagement

  • In the eForm Editor's eForm Properties Dialog: Added a tooltip to the List In Directory checkbox that clarifies the reason why an eForm with a parent eForm at another site is not available for sharing
  • The "Standard Wolf Appointment Importer" is available again for the standard appointment export from Wolf EMR. The newer Wolf importer for exports from custom searches has been renamed to "Wolf Patient Importer"


  • To prevent referrals from being sent accidentally for the wrong patient or referring clinician, a simple confirmation prompt is now shown when sending an eReferral which highlights the patient and referrer information.

  • The referral window has undergone a number of backend changes to improve the long-term reliability and usability involved with updating/saving referrals. Each panel within the referral now is capable of independently saving changes within its own context, reducing the need to save-and-close the window to view updates. The audit logging of referral changes is improved as a result as well.

    • The Review functionality is improved as part of this change: Users can now proceed to Review/triage the referral and then add a separate note without closing the dialog first.
    • Revising a prior Review now will now leave the old note in the Notes view but with its contents replaced with a small "Review form revised" note. Previously the Review would delete the previous note.
  • In the Referral view, some users were reporting that the focus and browser scroll view would shift to the MRN when they changed the month in the Scheduling calendar. An attempted fix is included to hopefully prevent this from happening.
  • The "Site Not Yet Validated" warning is no longer shown when sending eReferrals to sites that are configured to redirect referrals to a validated central intake listing

  • New analytic fields are available in the API and servlet export:
    • referredByUserName - the username representing the current user sending the eReferral (which may in the future represent a delegated administrative user, as opposed to being the same person as the referrer)

    • referredByAnonymousEmrUser - a flag that indicates a referrer was signed in as an EMR user without an Ocean account

    • referrerUserName - the user name representing the referring clinician, if available

    • ax_preferredWasChosen - a flag to indicate that a specialist was the preferred one specified by the referrer

  • The View Event Log again shows the referral's reference tag.
  • The Recently Viewed tab will now show referrals accessed by an email link as well as referrals viewed in the Sent tab.

    • Note: As a side effect of this fix, the Recently Viewed tab contents will reset to an empty as of this release, but should accrue previous viewings from this point forward.

  • Previously the "Send Message" dropdown menu in the referral view would sometimes show the referring site twice in the list. This bug has now been fixed.
  • The Regional Authority listing review/validation process has been improved with additional logging and warnings where applicable, as well as a minor change to the approval notification email sent to sites.

Patient Portal and API Support

  • Ocean references to the patient portal have been changed to CarePortal.
  • Several CSS stylesheet improvements have been included specifically for the CarePortal to improve the aesthetics and accessibility for patients.
  • The API now supports a "keyword" and "title" search parameter
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the API from granting certain sites from accessing a referral
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