Ocean Server Upgrade Feb 1 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean server release scheduled for Feb 1 at 9:30PM EST includes the following fixes and improvements.


  • Formal support for Regional Authorities in the system. These regional authorities can present their own license agreements, cover referral costs for participants and view de-identified referral analytics data within the Regional Authority "sub-network". Referral targets may apply to join a regional authority via the Admin->Directory Listings panel.
  • Added support for overdue referral bookings. Referral recipients will be able to set a number of days allowed until booking (they can also leave it blank). If that number is exceeded, the primary care clinician and the referral recipient staff people get an email reminder.
  • For central intake flows, the child referral status messages are clearer after forwarding.
  • Central intake users will now see the "Forward" button at the bottom of the referral dialog for convenience.
  • Forwarding eReferrals will now result in an email to the patient and primary care clinician with the phone and fax of the destination site.
  • Forwarding referrals will no longer restrict matching health service providers if the health service is "misc" or "related", so as to allow central intake users to chose any health service provider for such referrals. This is important for cases where a referral may have an "other consult" option for referring clinicians that may need to be split off and forwarded for an undetermined health service.
  • Added support for configuring the referral health service splitting policy (on receipt or manual).
  • Minor usability improvements to canned booking comment functionality.
  • Fix to timezone bug for referrals with booking times set in a different timezone.
  • (Re-)added fax number to the listing view in the health service directory.
  • Fixed bug that appeared when saving a master referral after splitting off child referrals.
  • Referral dialog will now include patient sex.
  • CPSO number field will now be relabeled as "professional ID" for NPs.

Patient Engagement:

  • Overdue message notifications will now only be sent once per overdue message. This will cut down on noisy alerts for clinics making heavy use of Ocean Online.
  • Fixed error that would result from downloading secure message attachment after patient session timeout.
  • Fix to PS Suite and standard batch file uploader/importer to use current date formats in PS Suite exporter. 
  • "memberStatus" now available as a keyword for online form logic for clinics using PS Suite.
  • Added "please wait" dialogs for previous/next in web questionnaire sessions to prevent double-clicks.


  • Minor fix to OSCAR and PSS single-sign-on support in cases where Ocean user account has access to more than one site (and the default site is not the linked EMR site).
  • Look-and-feel improvements to the eForms tab.
  • Site data removal warnings will now include site numbers and names to make it easier for users who administer more than one site.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the shared encryption key from being passed properly from PS Suite. This may explain some issues that clinics using Windows Terminal Server have experienced in the past.
  • Ocean will now show a warning message if it cannot persist the shared encryption key in browser localStorage. This is usually due to IT policy restrictions on workstations, and this warning message will help IT people troubleshoot.
  • Password creation complexity rules have gotten stricter; now you need at least 8 characters and they must have at least 3 of lowercase, uppercase, digit, special char.
  • Restricted deletion of secure message templates when referenced by Ocean Form Reminders.
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