Ocean Server Upgrade October 23 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean server release tentatively scheduled for 9:30 PM on Mon, Oct 23, 2017 will contain the following changes:

Patient Engagement

  • Improved the error handling for eRequest and Online Form submissions in situations where there is little or no network connectivity. Now patients will see appropriate error messages indicating that the submission was incomplete due to networking errors. Patients can now retry their submission, potentially preventing situations where their answers would otherwise be lost.
  • Simple batch emails will now populate the "Emailed" column for patients with the date of emailing when the emails are successfully sent.
  • The loading and response time for patient uploads triggered by the CDS link in Accuro is significantly improved.
  • Fixed a bug related to the loading of temporary "stub" Ocean patients (patient records that are awaiting EMR upload of patient data) on the tablet.
  • The eForm editor will now show the "Please Wait" indicator for saves that take more than 1 second (usually due to networking delays)
  • The minimum supported Ocean tablet version is bumped from 146 to 147


  • The "Awaiting Reply" status is now cleared when a referral is forwarded
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some of the EMR user's referrer/contact information from populating in the Send Referral dialog after the user links their EMR account to his/her Ocean account
  • Changed Self referrals to show "Patient" instead of "null" in the Source column in the inbox

  • Referrals sent to Test and Demo listings are now appropriately flagged as Test Referrals in the Referral View and the analytic exports
  • Marking (and unmarking) referrals as Test Referrals are now immediately reflected in the analytics export (previously, an additional referral save was required before this change was logged in the export)
  • The Referral Event Log has an improved layout and appearance
  • Fixed an error related to the loading of encrypted attachments in an encrypted referral
  • Fixed a bug related to saving Referral PDF printing for image attachments that fail to load (due to corruption or unsupported file formats)
  • Referrers are no longer able to add notes to the Notes view (as before, referrers should use the Send Message functionality in the referral view if he/she wishes to communicate with the referral receiver)

  • There are now fewer items in the Action menu shown to referrers. The menu is now reflective of the actions that they can actually perform (such as canceling referrals)

  • Fictional directory listings can now be tagged as "Demo" listings. Demo listings show as "(DEMO LISTING)" in the directory. (Note: Real-world listings can still be tagged independently as "Test Listings", to indicate that they are testing eReferrals but are nonetheless real sites that may continue to receive faxed referrals)
  • Test listings no longer show "(TEST LISTING)" in the directory (in an effort to avoid giving the false impression to referrers that a test listing is fictional or unable to redirect to central intake)
  • Test listings will show "* This site is accepting test eReferrals only." when referrers select it in the directory (unless the listing has a central intake redirect, in which case it avoids showing this warning, since real eReferrals can be redirected to central intake in this manner)
  • The Send Referral dialog will show "Send Test eReferral" instead of "Send eReferral" for demo and test listings that accept direct eReferrals
  • Referrals are now marked as test referrals when they are electronically forwarded to a test listing; otherwise they are left as "real referrals" even when they are manually faxed to test listings. The forwarder is notified as follows:

    • For manual forwards to test listings: "This listing is marked as a test listing, but since you are faxing the referral manually, it will be left as a *real* referral. If it should be a test referral, please proceed mark it as a test referral in the referral view.".

      For electronic forwards: "Since this is a test listing, this referral will be marked automatically as a test referral once it is forwarded."

  • Referrals are now marked as test referrals when they are forwarded (electronically or manually) to a demo listing. The forwarder is notified as follows: "Since this is a demo listing, this referral will be marked automatically as a test referral once it is forwarded."

  • Fixed a bug related to saving a new Google Places listing in the directory
  • Users are now prevented from deleting any listings that have live referrals

Patient Portal Support

  • Ocean will no longer send referral status notification emails to patients who have consented to use the patient portal (since the patient portal sends these notification emails instead)
  • Self-referral forms will no longer show the Service panel when an offering is pre-specified by the patient portal

eReferral API

  • The referral API now supports the loading of referral attachments as well as additional information for health service offerings (particularly flags relating to accepting self referrals and accepting referrals)
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