Ocean Server Upgrade October 16 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean server release scheduled for Mon Oct 16 at 9:30 PM ET will contain the following changes:


  • Referrers are no longer able to change the triaging notes entered by central intake or the specialist site.
  • The aesthetics and layout of self-referral forms in the Patient Portal have been improved.
  • The referral summary shown to referrers after sending an eReferral now includes a hyperlink to the referral. Along with the referral note, this link can be saved by the referrer for future access to the referral, independent of the Ocean portal and EMR.
  • Claiming a Google Places listing in the directory now works as expected.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an error when accessing the Action menu via the PSS eReferral custom form.
  • Fixed some of the miscounts in the eRequest Inbox that could lead to an increased number of referrals showing when a tab is clicked, particularly with regard to forwarded referrals.
  • The Test Referral status now displays as part of the referral's title.
  • Referrals can now be manually marked or unmarked as a Test Referral. These events are shown in the referral's Event Log.
  • Updated/fixed logic for some referral analytics fields for referrals (recipientFaxNumber, sentToTestListing, creationDate for referral children).
  • Changes to the health service offerings title and description (if made from this point forward) will be accessible in the "Any Listing Containing" search.
  • Fixed an "ipinfo.io" error that shows when viewing OceanHealthMap.ca with IE9
  • Fixed a few minor bugs related to the new ability to view an encrypted referral.
  • The "All Received" referrals folder will now include referrals in the "new" folder.
  • Minor terminology changes to the note section in the referral view for central intake: now master referral notes are labeled "Master Referral Notes" for clarity, with a button to view the corresponding master referral.
  • Minor fix to more reliably pre-populate the clinician type based on user settings in the referral signature panel.

Patient Engagement

  • Changes to the Ocean Online email secure message templates are further restricted for non-site administrator users: now "Allow Reply" and the validation criteria are also locked down.
  • The Wolf EMR Importer is now more flexible with regard to the field formatting and it now accepts a txt format.
  • Fixed a bug when clicking the Cancel button in the Reset Password screen.
  • Fixed a minor bug related to the CDS link feature in Accuro that showed the Please Wait screen.
  • Ocean Tablet minimum version bumped from 145 to 146.
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