Ocean Server Upgrade October 10 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for Tuesday October 10, 2017 at 9:00PM ET includes the following


  • Added support for "outbox" tracking when referrals are sent without the shared encryption key.
  • Added a button to resend the appointment details to a patient.
  • To help our support partners, added support to allow users to view referrals without the encryption key (PHI is omitted) e.g. for visibility into event log etc., and added the referral reference into the referral export for troubleshooting.
  • Self-referrals from the patient portal will be marked as "Patient" for the referrer in analytics.
  • Fixing bug that would send email notification to patient for declined referrals irrespective of user's choice.
  • Fixed a couple bugs around the inbox counts relating to revoked manual forwards.
  • Referral analytics export will now include the "sentToTestListing" flag.
  • Fixed a race-condition that could cause clinician signature information to not autopopulate in the referral send dialog. Also added code to auto-generate a signature based on user information for first time referrers.
  • Added bookingFileRef to the Ocean API to allow the patient portal to retrieve appointment instruction files sent to patients.
  • Added "please wait" message while submitting a referral to avoid timing issues with double-submits.
  • Fixed a bug declining referrals within the review panel.

Patient Engagement:

  • Minimum tablet version is now 145.
  • Added date validation to date-type items in case a date is typed instead of being entered using the date picker.
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