Ocean Server Upgrade October 2 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for October 2, 2017 at 9pm ET includes the following:


  • New feature: now you can attach appointment instruction documents for patients when booking appointments. In particular, this will allow central intake staff to simply forward along any instructional information faxed from the orthopedic surgeon to both the patient and the referring physician.
  • New referral notifications will now provide a breakdown of referral types and break out patient self-referrals (e.g. web forms on a clinic's website).
  • Patient Portal API will now return the referral description, and self-referrals from the Think Research Care Portal will now skip the email consent check.
  • Added a safety check to ensure that you can't accept eReferrals without a valid public key.
  • Added contextual user help in the scheduling panel. It will now inform the user who will be notified (e.g. referring clinician and/or patient, if email address is available) and explains for non-owning sites why they can't update the appointment info.
  • Fixed a bug in the URL generated by the "save for later" feature.
  • Fixed a bug accessing referrals from the link embedded in the "Needs Review" email (it signed in under the user's default site instead of the site owning the referral).
  • Fixed a bug in the "revoke" process for manually forwarded referrals.
  • Fixed a bug that would not choose the correct health service to start a referral when the eRefer process is started in the health service detail box.
  • Made a change to the cryptographic logic for new referrals to convert to a clinic-specific encryption algorithm on the initial save; this may result in a small performance improvement in the referral inbox.
  • Added some help text to clarify the site ownership of a referral: it shows 'Referral Resides with:' at the top of the referral when the referral is not owned by the current site.

Patient Engagement:

  • Ocean Study "export related study" feature will now always show the EMR ID if available for a particular row of data.
  • Added a warning to users that the email body for a secure message will not be saved or audit-saved in Ocean (and is therefore not an appropriate place to put important info; the secure message box should be used appropriate).
  • Added a fix to the new RESTful API integration for OSCAR notes to address "race-condition" that resulted in demographic updates from a tablet being ignored. OSCAR users will now see a "please wait" message when this new mode is enabled.
  • We've changed the patient data purge policy logic to address an issue in which patients could be removed from Ocean prematurely if the patient is re-uploaded into Ocean. 
  • Added a new validation option to the eFormEditor to validate dates (in case a patient types in a date into a text field; normally date pickers should be used).
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