Accessing the My Account Page in User Settings

Users can access the User Settings > My Account page to customize their Ocean account and billing settings.

  • The My Account page can be accessed by clicking your name at the top right-hand corner of the Ocean Portal. This will open the Account Menu. Select "My Account" or jump directly to the Billing or Delegates pages. 
User Settings Page Billing Page Delegates Page
  • In the User Settings Page, you can edit your contact and user information, as well as your clinical contact information for eReferrals.
User Name:
This is your Ocean user name. It can't be changed.
This is your Ocean password. It can be changed by clicking Change password or email address...
Two-Factor Authentication:
Either Enabled or Disabled. Learn more about How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication. You cannot disable Two-Factor Authentication if you are a user on an Ocean site which enforces mandatory Two-Factor Authentication.
Email Address:
This is the email address associated with your Ocean account.
Clinical Delegate Emails:
This email address (or email addresses separated with commas) will receive secure message notifications of patient responses or form completions. If left blank, Ocean will default to sending these emails to the email address associated with your Ocean account.
Referral Notification Email:
If you are part of the Ocean eReferral Network, this email address will receive notifications associated with any referrals that you have sent (e.g. booking confirmations, edits, etc.)
Your province. This fields are optional, but is helpful in ensuring that you are associated with the correct Ocean site.
Clinic/Hospital Name:
This fields are optional, but is helpful in ensuring that you are associated with the correct Ocean site.
The role associated with your Ocean user account.
EMR User Name:
This is the user name associated with your EMR login. Your EMR user name and your Ocean user name MUST match in order to enable smooth integration with your EMR. For PS Suite and OSCAR users, this field will automatically update if you launch Ocean from the Ocean custom form.
For ONE ID single sign on integration.
Subsite Reference:
If you are associated with a subsite within your Ocean site (for separate billing purposes), you can select the appropriate subsite from here. If your site has no subsites, leave this field set to "None".
If you wish, you can subscribe to weekly Ocean usage reports to see assess how and when your Ocean features are being used.
Default Home Page:
This is the page that will automatically launch after logging into your Ocean site.
eConsult Application:
Click this button to apply to respond to eReferrals as eConsults. Please note that the application process for the ability to send special referral messages called "eConsults" involves the selection of a Regional Authority. Additionally, you must have the Clinician Type of Family Physician, Specialist, or Nurse Practitioner to submit an application.
Clinical Contact Information:
Here you can edit the contact information that will appear on the Ocean eReferral Network (if you have an Website Forms link or are part of the eReferral network).
If you're sending an eReferral, this information is pulled into the "Referrer's Information" fields at the bottom of the referral form.
You'll want to ensure your Clinician Type is set correctly to one of the following: Allied Health Professional, Family Physician, Medical Student, MOA/Secretary, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Resident, Specialist, or Other.
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