Updating the Email Account Associated With Your Ocean User Account

The email account listed in "My Account" is used by Ocean to send you email notifications associated with your user account.   It can only be changed by the user account owner. 

To change the email account:

    • Click your name at the top right-hand corner of the Ocean Portal. This will open the Account Menu.  Select My Account.
    • Click on the "Change password or email address..." button.
    • You can update your email address and click 'Save Changes' at the bottom right. (NOTE: It is not necessary to change your password in order to change your email address.) 
    • A verification email will be sent to the new email address to confirm the email owner corresponds with the Ocean user account owner. Click on the "Verify Email Update" button.
    • You will be required to sign-in into Ocean to complete the update if you are not already logged into Ocean. This step is necessary to confirm that there is a match between the unique 'Verify Email Update" link and the owner of the user account to complete the email address update.
    • Ocean will send a notification to the original email address that the update has been completed.
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