How do I update my User Role?

The 'User Role' in Ocean is a drop-down menu of options found on the User Settings page. Individual Ocean Users can select the most applicable role from the following list:

  • Allied Health Professional; Family Physician; Specialist; Nurse Practitioner
  • Administrator; Executive Director; IT Support
  • Medical Student; Resident
  • MOA/Secretary; Nurse; Physician Assisant
  • Other

Ocean uses this role in the following ways:

  • When sending an eReferral, the User Role will appear in the 'Referrer's Information' field at the bottom of the referral form.
  • For Ocean Sites with at least one Patient Messages and Reminders Licence enabled, Clinic Support Staff users (including MOA/Secretary, Administrator, Nurse, Resident, Medical Student, or Physician Assistant) can send patient messages without any additional configuration or licence fees.

Please Note: Changes to User Roles are audited by Ocean. Users should not update their role once they have saved it in their 'My Account' settings.

To Review and Save your User Role:

  • View the User Role options by clicking on the dropdown menu.
  • Once you have selected your appropriate User Role, ensure that you press the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner.
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