Removing a User from your Ocean Site

When removing a user from your Ocean Site, it is important to ensure that the user is not associated with a Patient Messaging and Reminders License, or assigned as a Delegate for any other users on your site. Expand each step below for guidance on the process.

1. Remove Delegate Associations
  • Within the Ocean Portal, open the 'Menu', select 'Admin', and click the 'Users' button.
  • Press the 'Edit Delegates' button next to the user that you are removing.
  • Use the 'Remove' button next to each listed delegate to remove the delegate association between the users.
2. Remove Patient Messaging and Reminders License
  • In the 'Users' area, locate the 'EMR Provider' column.
  • Remove the license from the user by selecting the blank row in the dropdown menu under 'EMR Provider'.

    Note: You can optionally assign the license to a new user by using the dropdown menu next to the desired user. Otherwise, follow the steps below to fully deactivate the license.

  • From the main 'Admin' page, navigate to the 'Providers' area.
  • Locate the 'Patient Messages and Reminders License' column.
  • Uncheck the box next to the desired user to disable the license.
3. Remove the User from Your Ocean Site
  • From the main 'Admin' page, navigate to the 'Users' area.
  • Use the red 'X' button to remove the desired user from your Ocean site.

Additional Considerations

After removing the desired user account from your Ocean Site, it is beneficial to verify the areas below to ensure that the contact information is up to date.

Site Account
  • From the main 'Admin' page, navigate to the 'Site Account' area.
  • Verify that the email addresses listed in this area are accurate.
Directory Listing
  • From the main 'Admin' page, navigate to the 'Directory Listings' area.
  • In the 'Advanced' section, verify that the listed 'Referral Notification Email' is up to date.
Clinical Delegate Emails

If the removed user received email notifications on behalf of other users on your Ocean Site, ensure that remaining users update the 'Clinical Delegate Emails' field in their own account settings by following the steps below.

  • Within the Ocean Portal, select your name in the top right corner, and select 'My Account'.
  • Ensure that the email addresses listed in the 'Clinical Delegate Emails' field are up to date and save any changes.
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