Ocean Server Upgrade September 26 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for September 26 at 9PM includes the following:


  • You can now delete messaging comments that sent on a referral (restricted to your comments)
  • You have a chance to delete attachments in the referral messaging panel in case the wrong attachment was uploaded.
  • The "All Referrals" box will now include all referrals accessible to the site, including those that were declined, cancelled and revoked.
  • We've added the ability for a specialist site to "resubmit" a referral that was previously declined.
  • Ocean will pre-populate the "signature" box based on the user's name for convenience if it hasn't already been set for a user.
  • Minor fixes around search, referral form and health service mapping logic related to Google listing results.
  • The "Completed" tab will include forwarded referrals now.
  • Improvements and fixes to the Patient Portal self-referral API integration, including supporting multiple health services in a single referral target search, returning "offeringRef" values in referral target detail responses and supporting the initialization of self-referral patient data.
  • Referrers using IE11+ will be able to attach files in the "Send Referral" dialog to bring parity with other browsers. User running IE10 or below will see a message in place of the attachment panel that says that referral attachments require a more modern browser (this limitation is due to the manner in which Ocean encrypts referrals prior to upload).
  • Fix to referral printouts to display circular bullet and angle bracket characters properly.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause referrals viewed via an email link to be omitted from the "recently viewed" history folder, and also removed the "close" button from the referral view dialog when opened from the email link (since it didn't make sense to close in that context).
  • Fixed a bug that would hide the provider in the list view for manually forwarded referrals.
  • Clinician info fields used for referral signatures (such as billing number and fax number) have been added to the User Details page (accessible via "View My Account") to allow users to maintain this data without saving as part of sending a referral. This also addresses a bug that would cause the clinician info data to be lost when unrelated user details were saved.
  • Fixed the decline function on manually forwarded referrals.
  • Referrers will now also see referrals scheduled for removal in "Deletion Warnings" folder.

Patient Engagement:

  • We've added a "patient dashboard" so that Accuro users can use contextual "CDS" links to load all necessary Ocean information and functions for a patient (in addition to existing CDS link shortcuts to load forms, refer, etc.) for more advanced functionality like updating a patient's existing Ocean eForm queue. We've also added core support for real-time retrieval of patients from Accuro if a CDS link has been invoked for a patient not already in Ocean; this functionality will require a new OceanConnect version that will be released next week.
  • Minor fixes to layout of the new Reminder Rule Builder module for Accuro (and soon PSS) users.
  • Minimum accepted Ocean Tablet version has been updated from 143 to 144.


  • Happy news for eForm Editor users: we added drag-and-drop support for reordering menu choices in the eForm Editor.
  • Monthly invoices will show the start and end dates on separate lines and the end date will now be the last day of the month instead of the first of the following.
  • The Encryption Key admin panel will show the full name of the last user to update it, instead of just the username (which can be a bit cryptic sometimes).
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