Ocean Server Upgrade September 18 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for Sept 18, 2017 at 9:00 PM ET will include the following:


  • New feature: referral targets can now have the central intake service set, and thus show up in the directory with a green arrow, even without "accept eReferral" enabled (meaning they will need to get the referrals as faxes from central intake until "Accept eReferral" is enabled).
  • A few minor fixes to the ONE ID authentication flow.
  • Fixed the referral analytics engine to preserve the regional authority for a referral after manual forwarding (previously, this would remove the regional authority since the target site would generally not be part of the regional authority).
  • The referral analytics export report will now be based on creation date, instead of last modification date (the referral analytics RESTful API will continue to be based on modification date, however).
  • Anonymous EMR users are now able to sign-in when referring through the standard Ocean custom form (e.g. "find health service" or "refer" from the toolbar)
  • Added support for eHealth Ontario's Provincial Provider Registry through an import/update job.
  • Some bug fixes around the "awaiting reply"/"needs review" flow modified in the last release to be site specific.
  • Users can now revoke "manually forwarded" referrals in addition to electronically-forwarded referrals.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented closing the referral popup when clicking the bottom buttons after opening a child referral.
  • The messaging chatbox for a referral will show when a message is sent to the current site.
  • Added patient gender to referral printout.
  • Referrer-only sites will no longer be notified about referrals pending deletion (since such referrals would be owned by a recipient site).
  • Fixed the referral count code so that walk-ins aren't counted in the tab total for the Pending Booking tab.
  • Minor fix in the Send Referral dialog regarding the referral form determination: when a referral to a target is without a specified health service, it defaults to the first menu option.
  • Added an extra warning if a referrer is sending a referral without the shared encryption key available (i.e. if they choose not to "activate the outbox")
  • The system will now skip "your referral has been forwarded" patient notifications when the referral is forwarded to central intake.
  • Added a warning when a referrer tries to cancel a referral to clarify when a referral should simply be updated instead of cancelled.
  • User will now be prompted whether or not a patient should be notified when declining a referral.
  • The eRequest "sent" folder will now show the EMR ID (e.g. the PSS ID) in a column.
  • "Service description" is now returned in the referral target retrieval API.
  • Added a new API method to allow the Patient Portal to upload patients for self-referrals.
  • Fixed a bug in the referral target API for sites with no languages defined.
  • A performance improvement that will slightly improve referral load times.
  • A couple layout changes to the referral printout:
    • Added title "Messages Sent", "Notes" and "Triage Notes" to the relevant sections in the Referral Printout
    • Re-ordered Notes and Messages Sent (shows Notes at the end since they are the most relevant to the specialist)

Patient Engagement

  • New feature: "quick rules" for appointment form reminders! Want to send forms to patients automatically based on the reason for visit? We've made that much easier. Available for Accuro clinics; support for PS Suite coming soon.
  • Made the Wolf appointment file importer a bit more robust so files will still import properly if the formatting is a bit off.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented eForm hyperlinks from opening if a browser popup blocker is installed.
  • Minimum tablet version has been updated from 142 to 143.


  • Added support for the CMA/Joule eStore signup flow (once the link is available in the eStore)
  • You can now open the patient info popup even if the patient is encrypted (the PHI will obviously still not be accessible but the action buttons will be).
  • Monthly invoice emails will now include the start and end date (previously only visible in the application invoice view).
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