Ocean Server Upgrade Jan 18 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for Jan 18th at 9:30 PM EST includes the following features and fixes:


  • New feature: now you can attach multiple files to a referral when sending.
  • Central intake sites can now forward referrals to non-Ocean ("offline") eReferral sites. They will appear in the "forward" search dialog and will be marked as "manually forwarded" afterwards (implying that a staff person has faxed or otherwise sent the referral).
  • Fixed bug that showed the "split" button even after a master referral was split.
  • "Find Website" will no longer appear in the public Health Service Directory listing for claimed sites with no website address set.
  • Fixed minor bugs around browser back/forward actions in Health Service Directory navigation.
  • Referral review panel will float in the top-right of the browser to make it easier for specialists to review referral notes.
  • DoB has been added to the referral summary view.
  • Fix to allow the referral review panel to update the referral description (so you can show urgency, age, etc. in the referral description based on the specialist review)
  • Improved the search functionality to search for patients (by surname) across all folders instead of just within the current one.
  • Forwarded referrals are reset to "new" status.
  • Fixed bug that prevented cancelling a referral when launched from the quick referral form in PSS.
  • Fixed to ConsultConduit integration.

Patient Engagement:

  • Added metadata to tell Safari to avoid auto-population icons that obstruct fields in web questionnaire validation.
  • Fix to display OceanConnect version more reliably in the Tablets tab in the portal.


  • A partial fix to a bug using OceanConnect with a site after a "number of digits for patient ref" has changed (other half of fix will be in Ocean Tablet release v141).
  • Update to send "study form change not validated" messages to the clinic administrator (if set) instead of the payer.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented copy/paste from MS Word into the eForm Editor in some browsers.
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