Ocean Server Upgrade August 14 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for August 14, 2017 at 9:30 ET includes the following:


  • Regional Coordination Centres (central intake) and specialist sites: Show Processed and Completed button will show up in more circumstances to ensure that referrals can be closed off (bookings no longer need to be confirmed; referrals with booking date on the current day can be closed off). Referrals will also remain in the Booked Confirmed tab until they are Processed for central intake sites.
  • Regional Coordination Centres (central intake): Initial support for the triage workflow, in which a referral is initially forwarded for a triage appointment with an allied health professional. As part of this, forwarding a referral with an appointment set will prompt the user whether he/she wants a "note" to be generated detailing the initial appointment date/time (and clearing the initial appointment date time for the specialist). In the upcoming release, this initial date will be captured in referral analytics to support "wait time 1a" in the triage workflow.
  • Fixed some bugs that would cause referrals to be missed in counts for the "Forwarded (New)" and "Forwarded (All)" folders for central intake.
  • Fixed some inconsistent handling of birth date formats in referrals that caused problems sending referrals for some browser locales.
  • Minor bug fixes around new add/remove listing functionality in Admin tab (save/cancel buttons weren't disappearing in some cases).
  • Performance improvements for the review/triage form rendering for referral processing.

Patient Engagement

  • The Patients tab now includes a "source" column, which shows how a patient got added to Ocean. Many will be from "EMR", but patients imported from eRequests (including eReferrals) will now have a "source", which can be set as part of the eReferral form via an "ax_source" item in the form.
  • The Form Completion report will start to include the language that the patient used completing the form. Requires Tablet release v154 (not yet released).
  • New patient batch file importer for TELUS Wolf EMR.
  • "Note Downloaded" status changes will now properly auto-update in the Patients Tab in real-time.
  • Some minor improvements around the Accuro patient fetch functionality error handling.
  • Minimum tablet version is now 140.


  • Invoices that are paid offline via cheque will now be properly marked "paid offline" in the billing tab.
  • The Studies tab will now display a message if the Ocean Studies site-wide plan is in effect for the site, and the fee tier column for studies will be hidden (since all studies would be de facto free)
  • We've added underlying support for ONE ID authentication (coming soon).
  • Added code to ensure that EMRActions are always retrieved/processed by OceanConnect for Accuro in the correct order.
  • Fixed a bug in the eForm Editor that could cause an error removing a validator from an item.
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