Ocean Server Upgrade July 31 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for July 31, 2017 at 9:00 PM ET includes the following:

Patient Engagement

  • Enhancements have been made to the Sign Up page to improve communication with EMR partner organizations
  • The Accuro CDS Link to Ocean feature has been improved to support patient uploads-on-demand. Previously this feature only worked for patients who were pre-uploaded to Ocean via the automatic scheduler uploader. The single-sign-on screen will now show a loading message while it awaits the upload of the patient from Accuro (Note: This feature requires the latest version of Ocean Connect to run on the clinic's tablet)
  • Miscellaneous logging and server-side minor improvements were made to catch browser Javascript/networking errors


  • The Admin tab now allows Ocean users to directly add or remove health service directory listings.
  • When forwarding referrals with pre-specified appointment dates (either Book 1 or Book 2), rather than forcing the user to manually remove this values, Ocean offers to move the appointments into a summary note in the Notes view.
  • Bug fix: The referral notification emails sent to referrers with no associated Ocean account had a link to the referral that wasn't working. The link now will load correctly and will no longer display "$emailTargetSiteNum" in the URL.
  • Bug fix: The initial counts shown for the Booked - Unconfirmed tab should be correct and should no longer change to a smaller number when this tab is clicked. A total is now also shown for the Await Reply and Walk Ins tab (for sites that accept walk-ins).
  • Bug fix: Users should be able to modify their referral notes via the Ocean eReferral form in PSS without signing into their Ocean account
  • Bug fix: The Ocean eReferral form in PS Suite will automatically remove itself and replace itself with a progress summary note when a referral has been marked as "complete" on the receiving end (as it did in the past).
  • Bug fix: Updating listings that have custom referral forms as an anonymous Internet user will no longer give an error related to date formats.
  • Bug fix: The message shown to central intake when a forwarded referral is declined by the specialist had some garbled characters instead of the intended double-bullet to highlight the message. The bullets should render correctly now.
  • Bug fix: Linking a listing to a Google Maps entry will fail gracefully now when there is no Google Places entry found. 
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