Ocean Server Upgrade Dec 21 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean server release scheduled for Dec 21, 2016 at 9 PM will include the following fixes and improvements:


  • New feature: quick access to recently viewed referrals. Under the "processed" menu in the inbox UI, you'll see a folder that allows you to access your 10 most recently viewed referrals, from most recent to least recent.
  • New feature: now you can send a related referral based on a received referral. Whereas forwarding will preserve the health service plus the referral form results, this option will simply populate the patient info and allow you to pick a different health service. Example would be a physio referral based on an orthopedic surgery referral.
  • New feature: you can now reassign a referral target in an eRequest/referral form by setting the referralTargetRef. This feature was added to allow "rerouting" of referrals based on clinician or patient answers. For example, you could have four referral targets representing four clinics within a family health team, with one eRequest Link for patient registration. Depending on the patient's postal code, you could route the eRequest to the proper clinic referral target (where dedicated staff could triage by filtering on only at their clinic's referral target). Note that you can access the referralTargetRef by clicking the title label in the OceanHealthMap "update listing" dialog.
  • New feature: first cut support for central intake referral "splitting", i.e. taking a referral with multiple health service indications and splitting it into individual referrals for forwarding onward to health service. Previously, this was always done automatically upon referral send, which made sense for DI clinics but not central intake. This split is currently done automatically when the referral is "accepted" although that may change based on user feedback (which we welcome, as always).
  • Changed logic to hide the "import" popup dialog (which appears upon acceptance of a referral) to only show for PSS and OSCAR connected Ocean sites.
  • UI improvements for managing a sites favourite referral sites: you can now make them specific to a health service, remove them by right-clicking and it will no longer show the "add favourite" button for listings already in your favourites list.
  • Significant UI improvements for referrers reviewing referrals that require attention; now referrals that require more information (e.g. imaging) will appear in purple with a flag icon to make them easy to spot.
  • Fixes to PDF referral download to include DoB and HN, clinician info at the top (like letterhead) and moving message history below a horizontal line at the bottom to separate from the referral itself.
  • Underlying support for unchecked referral notifications; this will be broadly available in the next few weeks.
  • Improved UI flow for importing a Google Places result into Ocean.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the patient referral printout to omit the map (it was not properly telling Google it was part of our license).
  • Fixed a bug that would throw a security error when an anonymous EMR user tried to cancel a referral.
  • Minor UI fixes.

Patient Engagement:

  • New feature: You can now export related research data with one click. Ocean Studies with aligned participant keys can be exported as one giant spreadsheet with columns corresponding to answers from each survey. This will make complex study data easier to manage. To use this feature, click the export button on the "root" study (i.e. the study that generates the participant key) and click the checkbox "Export related study data". The columns will be added sequentially by eForm, with the eForms themselves being sorted in alphabetic order by title.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the patient from seeing an acknowledgement after confirming a secure message receipt.
  • Added protection against double-sending secure messages with double-clicks in send invitation dialog.
  • Removed the bogus restriction that prevented viewing past dates in the Accuro daysheet view in Ocean.
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