Ocean Server Upgrade April 28th, 2022 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for April 28th, 2022 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following features, improvements and fixes.

Provider Network


  • Revised the increment options listed in the billing time field of eConsult messages to support the Ontario eReferral-to-eConsult workflow. 
  • The "Apply to respond to eReferrals as eConsults" feature is now only available to users with the clinician type of “Specialist”, “Family Physician”, or “Nurse Practitioner”.
  • Added a new analytic to the main eReferral analytics export that documents which provider sent the latest eConsult message.
  • Updated the font of the referral reference ID in the footer of the referral record file format.
  • Directory Listings claimed to the eFax Ocean Site will be treated the same as unclaimed listings when ‘carbon copied (cc’ed)’ on a sent eReferral.  (Note: This is only available for the eFax proof of concept project at this time.)
  • When an eReferral is sent to the eFax Ocean site, the sender will have the option to have an email notification sent to the patient when updating the Scheduling pane. (Note: This is only available for the eFax proof of concept project at this time.)
  • Added an option to the HL7 FHIR "Retrieve Referral Letter PDF" API endpoint to retrieve the referral summary and all attachments as a single consolidated PDF.

Fixed Bugs

  • Resolved a bug causing the PSS eReferral custom form to display "Needs Review" for referrals with initial attachments.


Patient Engagement


  • Online Booking is now generally available to (WELL EMR) OSCAR Pro sites. 


  • Users can now search the Patient Messaging template list using a text-based search feature.
  • Improvements in how Ocean manages routing of form completions and patient message notifications when multiple Ocean users at a single site interact with the same patient.
  • Added corrective guidance to the Reminder rule configuration page to disallow appointment confirmations when the rule same-day reminder rules.

Fixed Bugs

  • The Online Booking edit schedule page will now save multiple alternate configurations at the same time.




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