Can I send the patient details about how and where their eReferral Appointment is occurring?

eReferral recipients can now specify the method for how appointments booked on their referrals will occur (in person, as a home visit, or a virtual visit by phone or video). This is done in the Scheduling pane of eReferrals in the Medium dropdown to the right of each appointment date and time.

  • To specify the appointment Medium, click on the dropdown to the right of the appointment time and select if the appointment will be In Person at the listing location, In Person at an alternate location, by Phone, Video Visit, or as a Home Visit.
    • Ocean will include the selected appointment medium, alongside the other scheduling details, in the booking email notifications automatically sent to the patient and referring provider.

Note: Medium is a mandatory field. It will default to "In Person" at the address of the directory listing the referral belongs to. If this is not accurate, please ensure the dropdown selection is changed before saving the booking details.

  • If you select "In Person (Alternate Location Specified in the Booking Comments)" please ensure the address details are included in the booking comments. If desired, you can configure the alternate locations as canned booking comments.
  • Details regarding the phone, video or home visits can also be configured and included in the canned booking comments.
  • If booking multiple appointments on the eReferral, you can select a separate medium for each appointment.
  • Patients who have consented to email notifications will receive the standard booking email with the appointment date and time, followed by the medium. See the following support article for further examples.
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