Investigating Issue Identified Affecting Accuro Schedule Syncs and Reminders 2021-05-12 [Resolved]

8:00am: We are investigating an issue impacting Ocean schedule syncs and patient reminders for Accuro clinics this morning. 

8:30am: We have identified a bug introduced last night's release and are working on a fix that we expect to patch in shortly. Once applied, we expect all reminders will be sent as normal (Ocean will not miss sending any reminders) and new appointments with patients will be uploaded to Ocean.

8:55am: We deployed the fix and it appears to have eliminated the error. We will be monitoring the 9am reminder run to confirm resolution.

9:30am: The fix appears to have worked and we will be marking this issue resolved. Root cause analysis will be added shortly.

Root Cause Analysis: The root cause was an issue in which a new call introduced in last night’s Ocean release to cache providers for performance reasons was unexpectedly receiving 404 errors from the API. This error was due to differences in the providers dataset in our Accuro API test instance (used for pre-release testing) and the production Accuro API server. The resolution was to handle this specific exception condition in normal processing via a code change deployed to our Cloud Connect server.

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