Issues With Incorrect Appointment Times in Ocean

We are aware of multiple issues in Ocean relating to appointment times appearing off by one or more hours from their actual time. We have traced these issues back to discrepancies between the time zone of the web browser used to access Ocean and the time zone of the Ocean site. Recent changes to the configured time zone in Accuro Citrix environments may have contributed to the issue.


The initial issue discovered resulted in patient messages being sent with an incorrect appointment time. This has been corrected, but similar issues have been discovered in the Ocean Patient Day Sheet view, and referral appointment booking times.


If you encounter this issue when using Ocean, first compare the time zone of the browser to your Ocean site time zone, which Ocean site administrators can view in the site admin section of the Ocean portal. The browser time zone can be determined by looking at your computer time zone or, in the case of hosted environments such as Citrix, in the Citrix desktop time zone. Ensure that the time zones match. If the Citrix time zone doesn't match your site time zone, please contact your Citrix environment provider to correct the issue. Desktop time zones can be adjusted using tools provided by your operating system (typically Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS) or you can contact your I/T support.

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