Ontario Users: How to Sign In to Ocean with ONE ID

ONE ID can now be used to securely access Ocean. Ontario users with a ONE ID User ID have the option to quickly and easily link it with their Ocean user account within Ocean. This will enable the added convenience of using the secure identity credential, which they already rely on for accessing many of Ontario's digital health services, to access the Ontario eReferral Network, Ocean's Portal and Patient Engagement tools.

This is an optional set up for signing in to Ocean. To establish the link between your ONE ID User ID and Ocean User account, you can follow the steps below:

    • This will redirect you to eHealth Ontario's Account Provider page. Ensure ONE ID is selected and choose Next.
    • Enter your ONE ID Login and Password.
    • Once you have signed in with ONE ID, you will be taken back to the Ocean login page, to complete a one time sign in to your Ocean account. Enter your Ocean username and password and select Secure Sign In.
    • Once signed in to the Ocean Portal, select your Ocean user name in the top right, and select My Account. You will see an Id populated in the ONE ID User Id section of your account information, confirming that the link to your ONE ID has been established.

After establishing the connection to ONE ID, the next time you choose to sign in to Ocean through the ONE ID link, and follow steps A to C above, you will be signed directly into your Ocean account without requiring your Ocean user name and password.

Signing out of Ocean will also sign you out of ONE ID. The ONE ID sign in link can also be completed through the Ocean Healthmap.

To disconnect your Ocean user account from your ONE ID, select the "clear" button beside the ONE ID User Id, under your account information, and save changes.

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