What does the "Copy of referral and status updates to" setting do on an eConsult and/or eReferral?

How to Specify Copied Stakeholders

  • When a consult or referral is first sent, the referrer can specify additional stakeholders to copy on the referral/consult by using the 'Copy of referral and status updates to' field at the bottom of the referral window.
  • If a consult or referral has already been sent, the referrer or referral recipient can add or remove copied stakeholders by using the same functionality within the 'General' area within the referral.
  • In order to add a copied stakeholder to the consult/referral at any point in the referral lifecycle, the stakeholder must exist as a Directory Listing within the Ocean Healthmap. After typing a key term into the text field, the matching Directory Listing(s) will appear for selection.

How are Copied Stakeholders Notified?

  • If a stakeholder is copied when the consult/referral is first sent, they will receive an email notification alerting them with specific language indicating that they have been copied as a stakeholder.

    Note: The email notification is sent to the 'Referral Notification Email' listed in the copied stakeholder's Directory Listing.

  • If a stakeholder is copied after the consult/referral has already been sent, they will receive an email notification at the time of the next important status update (e.g., appointment booking, cancellation) alerting them of the status update.
  • If you are copying a stakeholder after the referral has already been sent and you would like to notify them immediately, you can manually alert them by sending them a message using the 'Messaging' area within the referral.

Copying Claimed vs. Unclaimed Listings

When a status changes, Ocean determines how each stakeholder should be notified.

Stakeholder listings that have been claimed by an Ocean site are notified automatically via notification email as described above.

Stakeholder listings that have not been claimed by an Ocean site cannot be notified via an Ocean email or be sent results electronically via Ocean. Consequently, the consult/referral and its associated information must be faxed to the listing or sent in some other manner.

  • When a consult/referral with an unclaimed stakeholder listing is updated by a user, Ocean informs the user that a manual notification is necessary for the listing. Users can send these manual notifications by clicking 'Print Notification Sheet for Faxing', print the faxable referral record onto paper, and then fax it to the recipient.
  • Alternatively, the user can select one of the other options to indicate that they will notify the them via a phone call, or that they have already been notified, or that no notification is necessary.

When are Copied Stakeholders Notified?

Electronically copied stakeholders receive an email notification for each of the following scenarios:

  • When the new consult/referral is first sent and they are included in the 'Copy of referral and status updates to' field
  • When the consult/referral is Cancelled, Declined, or Resubmitted
  • When Appointment Information is added or modified in the referral/consult
  • When Booking Comments are added or modified in the referral/consult
  • When Booking Attachments are added or modified in the referral/consult
  • When the referral/consult is Forwarded

Where are Copied Stakeholders Displayed?

Copied stakeholders are shown in the following areas:

  • The 'General' area within the consult/referral in Ocean
  • The list of electronic message recipients in the Messaging area of the consult/referral (only if the stakeholder listing has been claimed by an Ocean site)
  • The Referral Notification Sheet, which is used to help sites notify other offline sites via Fax
  • The Referral Record
  • The Referral Note
General Messaging Referral Record Referral Note Notification Sheet

How do Copied Stakeholders Access the Consult/Referral?

  • Stakeholders that have been copied on a consult/referral can access it by clicking on the 'View the eReferral' button within the email notifications they receive.
  • Copied stakeholders can additionally access the consult/referral directly within the 'eConsults & eReferrals' area of their Ocean site by using the 'All Received' status folder.

What Actions Can a Copied Stakeholder Perform Within the Consult/Referral?

Copied stakeholders can:

Can a Copied Stakeholder be Removed from the Consult/Referral?

Yes, a copied stakeholder can be removed from a consult/referral at any time. Copied stakeholders can be removed by the referral sender, referral recipient, or by the copied stakeholder themselves.

  • Press the edit icon within the 'General' section of the consult/referral.
  • Press the red 'X' icon to remove the copied stakeholder, and then press the checkmark icon.
  • A message will automatically be added within 'Messaging' area informing the removed stakeholder that their access to the referral has been revoked.
  • The removed stakeholder will be unable to view any patient health information regarding the referral once their access has been revoked.
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