Error Encountered When Emailing Patients from Accuro via Ocean June 17, 2020 [RESOLVED]

As of 7:00am EST today, we have been receiving errors from the Accuro API that prevent Ocean from communicating with Accuro. We have reported the issue to QHR and will post more information here as it becomes available. Please follow this article to be kept up to date with our progress, or email


Update 2020-06-17 11:20 EST: We believe we have isolated the issue. The root cause appears to be that last night's Ocean release included a new capability of retrieving Accuro band information (specifically allergies, meds and problems). This requires an additional programmatic call when the patient is retrieved from the Accuro system as done for both sending an eReferral and sending messages/forms to patients at home. Although our test and staging systems were preconfigured to grant access to allow Ocean to make this call, most (or all) production Accuro instances are not yet configured in this way. We are working with QHR to update production permissions for Ocean as needed. After those permissions are configured properly, Cloud Connect will need to be re-authorized according to the normal procedure ( In the meantime, in order to revert to previous behaviour, we are preparing a patch that will skip over this additional data call and hope to have it ready before EOD today.

Update 2020-06-17 12:20 EST: The patch to back out the additional data retrieval has been applied to our production Cloud Connect server, which will return functionality to previous state (i.e. messages can be sent again). Ocean will automatically detect when Accuro permissions have been updated (after re-authentication of Cloud Connect) and will pull the band data accordingly.

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