Your EMR and Ocean Online Booking: What you need to know


  • The Ocean site must have Cloud Connect set up.
  • There must be a Patient Messaging & Reminders Licence enabled for each Provider schedule you are using for Online Booking.
  • The site must have a configured and validated directory listing. Details from this directory listing are used to populate the clinic's information on the confirmation page and/or email to the patient.

The Scheduler

PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Pro
By default, Ocean will display all empty time slots in your EMR for online booking. There are several ways you can make slots unavailable for online booking.
    • Set Booking Time and Clear Booking Time. Using the Set Booking Time and Clear Booking Time to indicate bookable time slots in your schedule. Unavailable time slots will be denoted with a violet "x" in the PS Suite schedule.
    • Booking Filler Appointments. Time slots with patients assigned are unavailable for online booking. You can also block off a time slot by putting a description in the "Details" field of the time slot in your PS Suite schedule - such as "no online booking", "lunch", "meeting", etc. When the "Details" field is filled, Ocean will see that slot as unavailable.
    • PS Suite Appointment Types. For advanced restrictions, such as a maximum number of a certain appointment type per day, or different availability based on the type of appointment being booked, you will be required to use EMR Appointment Type Mapping along with creating placeholder Appointment Types in PS Suite. You must include "online booking" or "/ob" in the title of these placeholder appointment types.

Warning for PS Suite users:

Ocean does not recognize background text and colour from the PS Suite scheduler. Time slots marked with only background text or colour using the 'Recurrent Text & Colour' feature in PS Suite will be seen as open, bookable time slots to Ocean. Do not attempt to block off time slots in the schedule by changing the slots using this feature.

Telus does not make these background colours available to third-party systems like Ocean, so the online booking engine is unable to determine their existence. As far as Ocean can see, a slot with a blue background with no appointment is the same as a slot with a white background with no appointment.

Primary Providers

Ocean can apply restrictions for online booking based on the patient's provider - for example, if only Dr. Kavanagh's patients should be able to book online into Dr. Kavanagh's EMR schedule. Clinics may set primary providers differently in their EMR - please see below to learn which fields Ocean looks at for each EMR.

A note on searching providers in your EMR.

In PSS: Click Appointments to open the EMR scheduler. In the top menu, click Providers -> View One Provider to view a list of all providers in your EMR.

In Med Access: Click the dropdown menu under Provider or Resource to view a list of all providers in your EMR.

In Accuro: Press F2 to open the Provider Management window.

PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Pro
  • Ocean has the ability to evaluate the following provider fields from the patient's chart in PS Suite:

    • • Patient's MD/NP
    • • Family MD/NP
    • • Primary Provider
    • • Other Provider
  • Note: The provider's name(s) in the above field(s) field must match the name(s) in the User's First Name and Surname in the Edit Users Dialog.
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