Your EMR and Ocean Online Booking: What you need to know


Please note that Ocean's Online Booking is currently only available for Telus PS Suite, Med Access and Accuro EMRs only.

The Scheduler

PS Suite Med Access Accuro
By default, Ocean will display all empty time slots in your EMR for online booking. There are several ways you can make slots unavailable for online booking.
  • Set Booking Time and Clear Booking Time. Using the Set Booking Time and Clear Booking Time to indicate bookable time slots in your schedule. Unavailable time slots will be denoted with a violet "x" in the scheduler.
  • Booking Filler Appointments. Time slots with patients assigned are unavailable for online booking. To block off an appointment for online booking, you can simply mark it with "no online booking" in the description.
  • PS Suite Appointment Types. For advanced restrictions, Ocean will require your site to use PS Suite appointment types. You must include "online booking" or "/ob" in the title of these appointment types.
  • Background Text and Colour. Ocean cannot read background text and colour from the PS Suite scheduler. Time slots marked with background text and colour only will be seen as open, bookable time slots to Ocean.

Warning for PS Suite users:

Do NOT attempt to block off time slots in the schedule by changing the slots using the schedule template or "Recurrent Text & Colour" feature. TELUS does not make these background colours available to third-party systems like Ocean, so the online booking engine is unable to determine their existence. As far as Ocean can see, a slot with a blue background with no appointment is the same as a slot with a white background with no appointment.

Primary Providers

Ocean can apply restrictions for online booking based on the patient's primary provider. However, Ocean obtains this information from the EMR in a very specific way.

A note on searching provider's schedules in your EMR.

In PSS: Click Appointments to open the EMR scheduler. In the top menu, click Providers to view a list of all providers in your EMR.

In Med Access: Click the dropdown menu under Provider or Resource to view a list of all providers in your EMR.

In Accuro: Press F2 to open the Provider Management window.

PS Suite Med Access Accuro
The provider's name in the Patient MD/NP field must match the name in the User's First Name and Last Name in the Edit Users Dialog.


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