EMR Appointment Type Mapping

EMR Appointment Type mapping is required if you would like to use appointment type restrictions.

Mapping your appointment type(s) that you create in Ocean to the Appointment Types found in your EMR allows Ocean to book patients into your schedule, and assign one of your pre-existing EMR Appointment Types to the appointment that is booked in your schedule.

This is helpful so that when a patient books into your schedule, you can easily recognize the type of appointment they booked when looking at your EMR schedule. You can also take advantage of powerful restrictions, such as enforcing a maximum number of appointments per day of each type, or even designate bookable slots in your EMR schedule for each type of appointment.  

Important notes about Appointment Type Mapping

Please note that if you decide to map to EMR appointment types, you must map all appointment types - you cannot leave any unmapped.

If you change the name of your appointment type in your EMR after completing you initial configuration, please revisit your Appointment Types configuration page in Ocean and verify that all appointments are correctly mapped. Ocean may not recognize the change in the EMR appointment type name, so it's always best to double check your appointment type configurations to ensure your Appointment Type Mapping is accurate.

Additionally, Accuro and OSCAR Pro users must note that at this time, Ocean cannot book appointments in your EMR and assign a "Reason" from the drop down field on the appointment.

  1. Navigate to Ocean's online booking settings.

    • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Online Booking". Click the "Settings" button in the top right corner.
    • Next to the Appointment Types heading, click Configure.
  2. Enable EMR Appointment Type Mapping.

    • On the left side of your screen, click the button Enable EMR Appointment Type Mapping. This will enable it, and a fourth column will be added to the appointments table named "EMR Appointment Type".
    • Use the blue Add Appointment button and configure the appointment(s) you would like to make available for online booking. Ensure each appointment is given a duration (in minutes).
    • For each appointment type that you create in Ocean, you must select an EMR Appointment Type from the dropdown. This dropdown menu displays the list of Appointment Types found within your EMR. The EMR Appointment Type you choose here is the type of appointment which the patient will be booked into your EMR schedule with. For example, the screenshot on the right indicates that when a patient chooses the “New Issue (Quick Visit)” label during their booking, it will be booked into your EMR schedule using the “New Patient Intake” EMR appointment type.
    • Ensure you do not leave any items blank in your table. When you are finished, click the blue Save button in the bottom left.

Where to find EMR Appointment Types

PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Pro
  • From the PS Suite Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Preferences. You will be asked for your PSS user password to access preferences.
  • Select Appointments from the left and Types from the tabs at the top. This will display your current Appointment Types found within PS Suite. To create new types, you can press the "Add..." button on the right hand side if needed.
  • For clarity, these Appointment Types are applied to individual appointments in your EMR schedule using the “Type” field on each appointment as shown below.
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