Set Up Booking Links

The third step is to configure your booking links. This will provide you with a URL for your patients to book their appointments online.

Booking links provide a URL for your patients to book their appointments online.

  1. Ensure you have configured your Appointment Types and Provider Schedules prior to configuring your booking links.
  2. Login to the Ocean Portal. Click Menu and select Online Booking.
  3. Next to the Booking Links heading, click Configure.
  4. Click Add Booking Link. Configure your booking link settings (see descriptions of each setting below).
  5. Click Save.
  6. Copy you booking link's URL. You can promote this URL on your clinic's website, or in emails to your patients.

Name of Online Booking Link
give your online booking link a name. This will only be visible in the online booking configuration page in the Ocean portal and won't be seen by patients.
Linked Directory Listing
Select the directory listing for this online booking link. Information from the contact information heading in the directory listing will populate the confirmation page and the confirmation email that patients will see when they have successfully booked an appointment online. The logo from the directory listing selected will appear in the online booking link's landing page.
Do you want to limit online booking to patients with a chart in your EMR?
Restrict your online booking link to only allow patients with an existing chart in your EMR to book, or allow brand new patients (no existing chart in the EMR) to book online. To learn more about how brand new patients can book online, please refer to this article: Can brand new patients book appointments online?
Bookable Schedules
Select the providers schedules that will be available for patients to book using this link. If your provider schedule has an alternate schedule, click on the arrow next to Default Schedule and select the alternate schedule.
Introductory Message
Optional. This message will appear on your online booking link's landing page.

A Note About Embedding Online Booking Links and Using iFrames

It is recommended that you do NOT embed your online booking page in an iFrame. Embedded iframes frequently do not load or layout properly in mobile browsers, which may lead to usability and reliability problems for you and your patients.

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