Set Up Appointment Types Available for Online Booking

The first step is to configure all Appointment Types for all providers who will be using online booking. These Appointment Types will become available when configuring your provider schedules. 


PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Pro
  1. Ensure you have met all of Ocean's online booking prerequisites.
  2. Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Online Booking". Click the "Settings" button in the top right corner.
  3. Next to the Appointment Types heading, click Configure.

Enable/Disable EMR Appointment Type Mapping
EMR Appointment Type Mapping is a feature that allows Ocean to book patients into your EMR and assign one of your pre-existing EMR Appointment Types to the booked appointment. When enabled, you will see the "EMR Appointment Type" field, where you can indicate the type of appointment that will be booked into your EMR schedule. In the image above, you can see that when a patient selects the "General Checkup" label, the patient will be booked into the EMR schedule using the "CPX" appointment type.


When EMR Appointment Type Mapping is used, you can also customize powerful restrictions for each type of appointment such as the maximum number per day of each type, and even restrict the types of appointments that can be booked into certain time slots throughout the day. Read more about EMR Appointment Type Mapping for online booking


Add Appointment Type
This button will add a new row to the appointments table. There is no limit to the number of appointment types you can create.


Refers to how the patient will see the appointment when booking online. We recommend giving each of your Appointment Type Labels a distinct name.
Appointment Duration
The duration is the length of the appointment that will be booked into your EMR schedule, in minutes.
Select between "On Site" or "Virtual". If "Virtual" is selected, the booking confirmation page and confirmation email will not include the physical address of the clinic provided in your Directory Listing, and the following note will be appended instead: "Please do not go to the clinic for this appointment".


If "On Site" is selected, the physical address of the clinic provided in your Directory Listing will be shown to patients on the booking confirmation page and within the confirmation email.
This setting allows you to select the Medium for your appointment. Setting the 'Location' to 'Virtual' will provide three options: 'Telephone Call', 'Virtual Visit Video', or 'Unspecified'. When the 'Location' is set to 'On-Site', the Medium will default to 'In Person'.


For PS Suite users only: You can choose between only the 'Telephone Call' or 'Virtual Visit Video' mediums. This will book your patient into your PS Suite schedule with the chosen Medium. The specific field in PS Suite where this will be reflected in shown below.

EMR Appointment Type
Only available with EMR Appointment Type Mapping enabled. This allows you to select the specific EMR Appointment Type that patients will be booked into your EMR schedule with. If you've recently added a new appointment type to your EMR or if you notice a discrepancy in the EMR appointment types listed, try running a full schedule sync in Cloud Connect.

For Accuro and OSCAR Pro users

At this time, Ocean cannot book appointments in your EMR and assign a "Reason" from the drop down field on the appointment.

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