Ocean Server Upgrade July 16 2019 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for July 16, 2019 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements.


  • The Completed, Incomplete, and Deletion Warnings folders, under the eRequest tab, will now automatically display the referral count without having to select the folder first.
  • Removed the “Redirect to this Site” Action menu item on referrals. Instead sites can now “Reclaim Ownership of the Referral” if the referral was revoked from their site, or if they declined the referral.
  • If you attempt to “Revoke Forward” on a forwarded referral that already has scheduled appointments at the new site, you will now be prompted to message the site to request they cancel the appointments before revoking.
  • Fixed a bug where revoking a forward was not resetting the appointment labels on the referral.
  • Fixed a bug where revoking a forward was not resetting the provider label correctly on the referral.
  • Users are now prompted for a reason for declining the referral, if left blank.
  • Fixed a bug with the booking date filters in the Booked Confirmed and Booked Unconfirmed tabs.
  • Fixed a bug where the messaging pane was hidden if the referral sender and recipient belonged to the same Ocean site.
  • The Ocean username is now excluded from patient cancellation emails
  • Cleaned up the referral summary message for when edits are made to a referral form. The message now excludes the invisible "$$" fields and has a couple extra checks to ensure the item was updated.

Patient Engagement

  • By default, Patient Group Messages are now limited to a maximum of 100 recipients. Configuring a custom 'From' address will increase the maximum to 1000.
  • Text Areas on forms now appear by default as two lines (different from a text field).
  • Patient messages are now ordered from newest to oldest, to make it easier for patients to review their most relevant messages.
  • The Patients Tab in the Ocean Portal now supports a message date filter using the format 'YYYY-MM-DD'.
  • The Patients Tab in the Ocean Portal now provides the option to "Load More" when a filter returns a large number of patients.
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