Can I make a copy of a received referral?

If your site receives a referral that needs to be managed in a couple different ways, or split into multiple health service offerings, you can use the Add Related Referral functionality. For example, perhaps your site receives an Orthopedic referral for a patient's right hip, but an assessment outcome determines the left hip should be treated as well. The related referral functionality allows the recipient to make a copy of the original referral for the right hip, so that the left hip referral can be forwarded or booked separately.

  • Open the referral you wish to make a copy of and select the Action menu. Choose Add Related Referral.
  • In the pop up window, choose the desired Health Service for the new referral.
  • If you would like to change the description of the original referral, add it to the Original Referral Description field. To add a new description to the copy of the referral, type in the Related Referral Description field.
  • Click Add. You will now see a copy of both referrals in the eReferrals page in your Ocean site, with their own unique descriptions. The referral note and information on each referral will be identical, but they can now be booked and managed separately. Ocean refers to each of these as "child" referrals.
  • Note: The inbox the original referral was sitting in will impact which inbox(es) the child referrals will be found in, after the related referral is generated. For example, if the original referral was in the Booked Confirmed inbox, it will maintain it's booking information and remain there after the related referral is added. The new related referral will be found in the Pending Booking inbox with a blank scheduling pane.
  • If you open one of the child referrals, you can view the status of the other child (or the related referral), in the Related Referrals section below the referral note. Click the blue text of the related referral to open it directly from the current referral.
  • When a related referral is added, a third referral, called the "source" referral, is also created and stored in the Ocean site. Updates made to the patient's information in the source referral will be pushed to all child referrals. You can also add Source Notes, which are notes that can be viewed on both child referrals. To open the source referral, click the "View Source Referral" link in the Related Referrals section of the child referral, or click "View Source Referral" from the Action Menu of any child referral.
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