Ocean Server Upgrade Feb 26 2019 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for Feb 26, 2019 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements.

  • New feature: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Ocean. Visit the 'My Account' section of the Ocean Portal to enable 2FA for your account. Click here to learn more.

Patient Engagement

  • New feature: Dynamic Walk-in Providers. Ocean Kiosk can now be configured to book walk-in patients into a particular provider's schedule, depending patient demographics, responses, etc. Click here for more information.
  • New feature: Patients can now confirm their upcoming appointment from Ocean Reminders. To enable appointment confirmation for your site, visit Admin->Ocean Reminders. Click here for more information.
  • Progress notes in Med Access now include the name of the completed form as their description.
  • Ocean sites can now configure a subset of their Kiosks to accept walk-in patients.
  • Fixed an issue to support special characters in ScriptUtil.getKeyword("@ptComments").


  • New feature: Admins can now configure fine-grained Referral Email Notifications for their Ocean Healthmap directory listings, on a per-listing and per-offering basis.
  • A referrer can now view a full, simplified list of appointments on a referral that they have sent.
  • The 'Email Note' option on a referral now sends an automated message to the referrer, flagging the referral for review, and updates the referral status in the EMR.
  • Fixed an issue to ensure completed Referrals that are subsequently Forwarded, arrive in the receiving site's 'New' folder.
  • Fixed an issue with Referral Email Notifications, to remove the 'Dr.' prefix for Nurse Practitioners.
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