Can I add multiple patient appointments to my eReferral?

Once you've accepted a referral and begin scheduling a patient's appointment, you may want to schedule more than one appointment time. You can do so within the eReferral window.

  1. Once you've accepted a referral, open your referral from the "Pending Booking" tab and navigate to "Scheduling". 
  2. To add an additional appointment, click the (+) button. Similarly, to remove an appointment, click the (-) button.
  3. You can select an appointment label depending on the appointment labels configured for your site. The appointment label is important as it will impact which appointments are saved to your referral analytics and used in wait time calculations. It is also what will be displayed in referrer and patient booking email notifications. To see how you can add appointment labels, and review these details, refer to Step 4 of this guide: Confirm Your eReferral Site Settings.
  4. Confirm the appointment time and details, save your changes. 


Note: If you are unsure of the exact appointment time, you can book a blank appointment slot which will place the referral back into "Pending Booking". This allows you to keep track of appointments to book in the future. Once you confirm the appointment, you can repeat the steps above.

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