Telus API Issue Impacting OceanConnect Note Uploads for PS Suite [RESOLVED]

Our monitoring system has been receiving error reports this morning indicating that note uploads from OceanConnect are failing in the Telus API.  OceanConnect versions prior to 58 are affected.  After investigation, it appears that a recent change to the Telus API has broken older OceanConnect versions.

To correct the issue, tablets running OceanConnect versions prior to 58 can be updated to the latest version of OceanConnect through Google Play or by direct download. Alternatively, clients can upgrade to Ocean Cloud Connect and disable OceanConnect.  See Upgrading OceanConnect on Tablets for information on how to update to the latest version.  Or see Setting Up Ocean Cloud Connect for information on how to move to Cloud Connect. 

We are working with Telus support to determine the root cause and will update this ticket as new information comes available.


Dec 13, 2018: Telus has released a patch to their API server which has rectified the issue.


Jan 10, 2019, 4pm: We have seen a recurrence of this issue today. After discussion with Telus support, it appears that it has reappeared "because the API Services 2.37.01 deployed Jan 9th did not to have the emergency change that removed this error in the previous services release."  Telus is planning a patch release to rectify the issue.


Jan 11, 2019, 2pm: Telus patched the API servers last night at approximately 7:30pm ET.  The problem is resolved.

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