TELUS API DST Glitch Affecting Clinics Open March 12th 2023

Clinics open on March 12th 2023 may be affected by a small glitch in the way Telus reports schedule availability to Ocean.  In particular, it will affect our clients using Ocean's online booking to book appointments for March 12th 2023.

Daylight savings time in Canada begins on March 12th at 2:00 AM. The glitch affects how Ocean receives the schedule availability- namely the start and end times are reported incorrectly to Ocean (off by 1 hour later).

An hour of schedulable clinic time that isn't actually available for booking will be shown to patients as available for booking. For example, if your clinic closes at 5pm on March 12th 2023, Ocean's online booking will show false availability from 5 to 6pm (after the clinic is truly closed). Patients will receive an error when they attempt to book into these falsely available slots as shown below. Likewise, the first hour of the schedule's availability won't appear bookable. For example, if your clinic opens at 8am on March 12 2023, Ocean's online booking will show availability starting at 9am. Fortunately the correct booking time is otherwise preserved for appointments during the day, e.g. a 2pm appointment will still be booked on 2pm on this day.

To address the falsely available hour reported as available at the end of the day, you can prevent patients from booking in the incorrect time slot by booking something into the slot like this at the end of the day:

Unfortunately there isn't a simple workaround to make the first hour of the day available without making changes to the EMR schedule. Clinics will have to manually book into those morning slots.

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