Attach Card Reader*

For provinces using health cards with a magnetic strip, you will need to attach your card reader to the kiosk.

This step is only required for clinics in provinces with a magnetic strip on the health card.

  • Note: Before you attach the MagTek card reader to the kiosk, ensure that you have the microUSB socket facing the correct direction (i.e. pointing out of the bottom of the card reader).

When you receive your kiosk from Armodilo , there should be a package with a black mounting plate, a pair of small screws, and a pair of large screws. Follow these steps to attach your card reader to the kiosk:

  • Attach black mounting plate onto card reader with the pair of small screws.
  • Align the card reader to the side of the kiosk.
  • Attach the card reader to the kiosk with the pair of large screws.
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