Order Your Kiosk Hardware

You will be responsible for ordering your kiosk stand, tablet, and 3 peripheral items to be able to successfully complete set up of one check-in kiosk. You will also need to ensure that your EMR is integrated with Cloud Connect.

You will need all the following items to be able to completely set up one check-in kiosk:

  • 1x Kiosk Stand (Floor/Counter Top)
  • 1x Android Tablet
  • 1x Peripheral Bundle

To obtain the above items, follow the steps below:

  1. Request a quote for a Check-In Kiosk by completing the quote request form. A representative from our hardware partner, BlueBird IT Solutions, will provide a quote. If you want to proceed, they will process the order.

    Note: The peripheral bundle includes a Magtek Card Reader that is only compatible for clinics in British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. If you are outside of these provinces, please indicate to BlueBird that you do not need Magtek Card Reader and the quote will be adjusted accordingly.

  2. BlueBird IT Solutions will confirm the Android tablet model that is compatible with your kiosk. You are responsible for the actual purchase of the tablet.


CognisantMD is limited in our ability to support untested hardware from third-party vendors and therefore, cannot guarantee that kiosk card swiping and reading will work.

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