Order Your Kiosk Hardware

You will need all the following items to be able to completely set up one kiosk:

  • Ocean Kiosk (1)
  • Tablet (1)
  • Peripheral items (3)

To obtain the above items, follow the steps below:

  1. Order your Ocean Kiosk by submitting a kiosk order form, available on our Ocean Check-In Kiosk product page.
  2. Order the tablet that will go in your kiosk. Note that the Ocean kiosk ONLY supports the Samsung Galaxy Tab E (9.6") and Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10.1").
  3. Order the peripheral items that you will need inside your kiosk:

Note: If you'd like us to send you the above 3 peripheral items in a bundle, please indicate this on your kiosk order form.


Note that if you purchase your own Magtek card reader, you must update the firmware on your own, as outlined in: "Configuring Magtek Card Readers for Android 7".

Note also that CognisantMD is limited in our ability to support untested hardware from third-party vendors and therefore, cannot guarantee that kiosk card swiping and reading will work.

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