Configure Your Tablet for the Ocean Kiosk

There are a few additional tablet settings that you will need to configure in order to optimize the tablet for check-in kiosk purposes.

There are a couple of things you'll need to do in order to get your tablet ready for your kiosk.

Firstly, you'll need to set up the tablet, just like any other free-floating patient-facing Ocean tablet. Follow our step-by-step Tablet Set-Up Guide before moving forward.

Once you've set up your tablet for regular use, adjust the following kiosk-specific settings on your tablet.

  1. Enable the on-screen keyboard.

    • Enter the 'Settings' app on your tablet, and select 'General Management'.
    • Select "Language and input".
    • Under "Keyboards", select "Physical keyboard".
    • Toggle "Show the on-screen keyboard" ON (i.e. to the right).
  2. Set your screen timeout to always stay awake.

    • From the Settings app on your tablet, select "About tablet" and then "Software information". Tap on the "Build number" a few times until developer mode is enabled and the "Developer options" become available.
    • Once your "Developer options" have appeared in the main settings menu, tap on it and toggle the "Stay awake" feature ON (i.e. toggle to the right) so that the tablet screen will never sleep while it's charging. This will ensure that the screen is always on and ready for patients, even if the kiosk is not always in use.
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