Issue impacting Cloud Connect Accuro Users [RESOLVED]

We are aware of an issue with Accuro sites on the Cloud Connect platform.  Some sites received an email with the subject "Ocean Cloud Connect Server Deauthorized" and must now log into Cloud Connect to reauthorize their connection to the Accuro API Server.  It appears that the authentication tokens used to communicate with the Accuro API are expiring unexpectedly.  We are working with QHR support to determine the cause of the issue.

Instructions for reauthorizing your Cloud Connect server can be found here.


Update Sept 14: We have found the cause of the deauthorization issue and will be issuing a patch to the Cloud Connect platform today to correct it.  Unfortunately, some clients may be deauthorized when we issue the patch, but we hope to minimize the impact by issuing it as quickly as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


We have patched Cloud Connect to fix this issue.  This issue is now resolved.

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