Ocean Server Upgrade June 19 2018 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for June 19th 2018 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements.


  • The map-based directory search engine now uses ElasticSearch for advanced geometric and keyword-based search support. This engine greatly enhances the flexibility and scalability of directory searches.
  • Catchment areas are now supported.
    • These areas can be populated for select health service offerings (such as those for Palliative Homecare or Meal Services) in the offering's configuration. Areas are defined as a customizable array of map polygons, providing considerable flexibility for disjoint and complex areas.
    • Map searches for these select health services will look for health service offerings whose catchment area spans the pinpointed area of interest in the map.
  • Directory listings can be sorted ascending or descending by wait time and distance by clicking on the respective column header.
  • The appointment "slot" names for Appointment 1 and Appointment 2 can be reassigned to a list of possible names, including Surgery Date, Consult Date, Follow-Up Date, etc. These slot names are clearly shown in both the online view of the referral as well as email notifications.
  • Scheduled dates for referrals prior to 2018 can now be entered for retrospective data entry purposes.
  • Email notifications for appointment cancellations and reschedules have been improved to clarify for the referring site how these dates have changed.
  • Email notifications are skipped when dates are entered in the past (as long as this change is the only significant change made to the referral)
  • For clarity and consistency, referrers are now directed to their user setting page when they choose to edit their contact information, instead of entering it inline.
  • Listings can now be categorized as a "Rapid Assessment Clinic", which can be used to set the "initialAssessment" analytic fields
  • The referral analytics now have the following additional fields:
    • referrerAddressLine1
    • referrerAddressLine2
    • referrerCity
    • refererProvince
    • referrerPostalCode
    • referrerPhone
    • referrerFax
    • secondaryRaSiteNum
      • used when a second LHIN or regional authority is involved with a referral
    • initialAssessmentDate
    • initialAssessmentSite
    • initialAssessmentSiteRef
    • initialAssessmentSiteNum
    • ax_decisionToTreat
    • ax_surgicalCandidate
    • ax_assessmentOutcome
    • ax_patientPreference
    • ax_consultOutcome
    • wait1Days
    • wait1aDays
    • wait1bDays
    • wait2Days
  • Other improvements to the analytics:
    • The initialAssessment fields are now set when a referral is first sent or forwarded to a Rapid Assessment Clinic
    • The referrerUserName is set if and only if an actual Ocean user is associated with the referrer
    • The referredByUserName is set if an only if an Ocean user was used to send the referral (not an anonymous EMR user)

Patient Engagement

  • Significant backend changes to improve Ocean's EMR integration and appointment synchronization
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