PS Suite: What is a "temporary note generated by Ocean"?

This is a temporary note generated by Ocean. Use the Ocean Toolbar to import the following information into PSS. @OceanData: -
Ocean Data Awaiting Import: { "tobaccoUseUpdate" : {"cigsPerDay":"15-20","smoker":"Y"}, "alcoholUseUpdate" : {"drinksPerWeek":"5-8”}}

The above note is generated by Cloud Connect when it sees a field update request for one of the fields that the API does not support. This note contains the value of the field in a structured format, which is needed for the Ocean Toolbar to set the field value in PS Suite directly.

Therefore, the Ocean Toolbar (or the "Ocean Toolbar - Minimized" toolbar) must be visible in the patient's chart in order for the temporary note to successfully be converted into an automatic PS Suite update.

To ensure that your Ocean Toolbar is installed and visible in your PS Suite, please refer to: "Download and Install the Ocean Custom Form and Toolbar" and "Create a Reminder Trigger for the Ocean Toolbar".

To learn more about the limitations of the TELUS API, please refer to: "Limitations of the New TELUS API and Workarounds Using the Ocean Toolbar".


If you see an Ocean Temporary Note that doesn't immediately (or nearly immediately) disappear, please check the following:

  • Ensure that you have installed the latest version of the Ocean Toolbar.
  • Ensure either the Ocean Toolbar (Standard) or Ocean Toolbar (Minimized) is not only installed but also activated (visible) within the current patient's chart (see above for details).
  • Confirm that the patient chart is not "checked out" on another computer (e.g. another user or another terminal has made edits to the chart without finishing)
  • Try closing and re-opening the patient chart.

If the previous tips do not solve the issue, please copy and paste the entire contents of the Ocean Temporary Note and send it to our support team (after you have selectively removed any personal health information).

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