PS Suite: Why did Ocean send an Ocean message ("yellow sticky") to "secs" with my initials when I opened the chart?

Ocean allows patients to submit their contact information using a tablet, kiosk, or online form. When connected to an integrated EMR, this contact information is usually automatically inserted into the demographic section of the patient chart. For example, a mobile phone number can be updated automatically and inserted in the appropriate area in the "Patients" window.

However, as a safety precaution, Ocean will not change the following fields automatically if they are already populated:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Health number
  • Birth date
  • Sex

These fields are left as-is to avoid the unintentional overwrite of a chart, which could potentially lead to difficulty finding it later.

Instead, the Ocean custom form sends a message to the clinic's secretary group instructing them to update the field manually (after ensuring the change is appropriate).

PS Suite uses the special target "secs" as the initials of the default secretary group, which ensures the message shows in the inbox of all clinic secretaries. 

To change this default message group:

  • Click on the Settings button of the Ocean custom form:
    • mceclip3.png
  • Sign in to Ocean if you are prompted to do so.
  • Click "Advanced..."
    • mceclip4.png
  • Change the "Secretary Message Group" to the initials of the desired secretary user
    • mceclip0.png

Why are my initials on this message?

Due to a security restriction, PS Suite forces all messages to be associated with the user account signed in. If a user with "abc" happens to open the chart, it will trigger the message and PS Suite will automatically assign "abc" as the sending user.

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