Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 22 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for Nov 22 at 9:00PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements:

Patient Engagement:

  • Slight wording changes on patient-facing secure message forms (now says "next" instead of "proceed").
  • Fix to avoid accidental double-submission of secure message confirmations.
  • Secure message confirmation/replies are now formatted to make it easier to understand who said what when within the EMR patient record.
  • New 1MB limit on file size for images in eForms to avoid browser timeouts on eRequest forms for patients on poor internet connections.
  • Added code to prevent deletion of eForms referenced by tablet rules.
  • New "force send" button to test form reminders more easily.
  • Refactored the batch patient email feature to be more robust in the event of failure (i.e. if browser window is closed prematurely).
  • Users will now be warned if they are uploading patients into a cohort that already has patients in it, and we've disabled the upload button after click to eliminate accidental double-click double-uploads.
  • Fixed patient search by surname in patients tab.
  • Fixes relating to multi-page behaviour in Ocean Online, particular around blank page handling (i.e. when page is blank due to conditional logic in form).


  • Added support for formal "test" flag to support WWLHIN SCA referral project rollout.
  • Fix to email address used for "anonymous EMR user" eReferrals (previously, it was simply "anonymous", which caused errors with our stricter email validation from last week).
  • Minor fixes to Health Service Directory search related to new UI from last week.
  • Minor improvements to language for importing referrals upon "accept" button for each EMR.
  • Ocean Health Service Directory will now default to 25 km for health service searches to improve relevancy of results.


  • New breakdown on monthly invoices by subsite reference, which will help sites with many different concurrent Ocean projects funded by different sources understand the monthly invoices (which previously could include subsite projects alongside general bill items).
  • Re-added the eForm info icons to the eForm Browser, e.g. "hybrid", "anonymous" etc. with associated tooltip explanations (this was lost a few weeks ago during some UI work).
  • Fix to a bug that prevented a site from being renamed to a substring of another site name.
  • Minor UI fixes.
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