Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 15 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for Nov 15th at 9:30 includes the following fixes and improvements:

Referrals and Health Service Directory:

  • New mobile-friendly Health Service Directory! We did a lot of work over the past few weeks to rebuild the directory on our more mobile-friendly UI platform so it will look great on your phone. It has a new look-and-feel and now supports site-specific "favourites" for easy access to common referral targets (like your favourite DI clinic).
  • Improved referral access security through use of a larger access key.
  • Improvements to referral printing, particularly with respect to margins and pagination.
  • New pediatric subspecialty health services have been added.
  • Removed redundant "internal medicine" specialty in Health Services category browser.
  • We've added a couple other methods to retrieve the referrer name from a referral (it varies depending on how the referral was submitted, so we'll look at the signature as well, if there is no other information identifying the clinician).
  • Fixed bug that would block referral download using right-click "save as".

Patient Engagement Platform

  • Improved the patient experience downloading attachments from secure messages on mobile devices. 
  • Fixed bug that would cause eFormsActions to add forms in the wrong order in Ocean Online & eRequests.
  • Secure message replies will now appear with the original message. This will be especially useful for Accuro and OSCAR clinics that would otherwise see the reply in its own encounter note, but also for EMRs like PSS if there is a significant amount of time between the secure message send date and the reply.
  • Reverting patient display order in patients tab to the way it was prior to last release.
  • Ocean Online notifications will now include site names to help users who have access to multiple sites.
  • Improve "bad email address" recognition in batch email sending logic to ensure that errors for bogus emails are caught and reported to user (instead of failing silently in SMTP network).
  • Fixed bug that prevented display of new eForms for newly added patients in patients tab.
  • Fix to multi-page Ocean Online forms when used in conjunction with other forms (pages were being displayed out of order).
  • Fix to bug that would display Ocean Online eFormAction-triggered eForms in wrong order.


  • Better support for subsite billing; subsite billing allows a clinic to designate ("earmark") funds to go towards a particular set of Ocean services, e.g. a QIP run on 2 specific tablet devices. Previously, you could only apply subsite references to tablets but now you can apply them to Ocean Online, eRequest links and studies. We've also separated them out so you define them prior to use in order to reduce the likelihood of a typo causing billing problems.
  • Added user account lockouts for security reasons. If your password is entered wrong five times in a row (on any device), you will be locked out for 30 seconds. If you go 10 attempts, the lockout becomes an hour.
  • Fixed bug that prevented updates to Email Friendly Name in admin tab.
  • Usability improvements to the eForm Editor around keyword support; now it's available in custom note field and forces the user to explicitly choose from the keyword dropdown to avoid accidental selection.
  • Fixed behaviour for copy-paste of sections with scripting logic in eForm Editor to eliminate false errors.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause outdated JavaScript to be cached in the browser inappropriately (causing occasional errors after Ocean system upgrades).
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